Sacred Sound

I prepared the Sunday service at the UU Church of Concord last Sunday on Sacred Sound.

winter sunset at Seapoint Beach, Kittery Point, ME

Here is an excerpt from my sermon:



Shimmers, soothes, shines


Sings, centers, celebrates




Connects, convenes

Challenges the status quo

Sound births, romances, marries, separates, and mourns


Sound relieves

Pain, fear, anxiety

Sound heals


Sound makes disconsonance consonant

Chaos clear

Separation united


Sound celebrates the color of diversity

Each note

Each articulation

Each crescendo and diminuendo


Sound entrains

Every cell to its signature tune

Every chord to the harmony of its highest vibration

Every soul to the celestial symphony


Sound makes space

Between atoms

Between cells

Between muscles, organs and bones

Between our endless streaming thoughts

Between our consuming emotions

Our constrictions, restrictions and rules

Sound makes space

For stillness

For now

And the new


We breathe –

The body expands


We inhale space

We exhale sound

A whisper of air

A sigh

A sound

A song

Our heart opens

And we are once again



Body, heart and mind


The soul calls

We answer with a song.


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