Peggo Solo

“Peggo’s got verve, she’s got style and the chops to prove it.”
—Harry Schnipper, Executive Director Blues Alley Jazz

“Peggo is a uniquely versatile singer. In whatever style she sings, Peggo sings with an unbounded joy, expressing the eternal mystery and power of music, where hearts open and hearts connect. With her engaged presentation and radiant smile, Peggo transports the listener. Peggo is simply dazzling.”
— Paul W.

After a concert by Peggo, either solo or with one of her fabulous ensembles, audience members routinely exclaim about how expressive Peggo’s singing is and how touched they were by her performance. Peggo’s love of all musical genres has led her to sing a diverse range of music, making her a very versatile performer. Classically trained, Peggo has kept the warmth and ease of her folk and jazz background in her performances. As a soprano soloist, she has premiered symphonies and new song cycles. As a singer of the American Songbook, she has warmed hearts singing love songs of all kinds. Peggo loves to make music with others and sings classical, American and folk with several ensembles. To top it off, Peggo is an award-winning performer, who with her husband Paul, pioneered rock ‘n roll for families.


Peggo in love

[That Man I Love]

Love songs with a happy ending from jazz to Broadway to cabaret

“You and Kent were cookin’ on the front burner!”

“Peggo blew the doors off at HR 57, DC’s jazz haven!”

“Peggo, you are a singing angel! When you sang that song to my friend, the world and all its troubles stopped. A truly magical night.”


Soprano soloist
Art songs, Contemporary Classical Composers, Oratorio, Messiah

“Thanks to you and your magnificent part in last week’s performance of the Messiah, I know – again – that my Redeemer liveth. The passion and the power that flowed in you and through you as you sang, touched something very deep within me and re-anchored my life to the place, and to the person with whom it needs to be. I am deeply grateful.”
— Rev. David Jones

“I just listened to Peggo’s voice in my Symphony No. 4 … War and Peace, and was marveling at how beautiful and magnificent she sounded in that very challenging work!!! It was just so transcendent and moving – the way she placed each phrase, effortlessly connected the melodic leaps and sailed through the sustained notes. No one sings my music better than Peggo. Her intonation is impeccable. She sings from the heart. Peggo is every composer’s dream chanteuse!”
— Thomas Oboe Lee, composer