Vibrant Voice

“We were shy, tender strangers at the beginning of the workshop. By the end, we were people bonded by our experience and dazzled by the wonder of what had poured forth from us during that time together.”
— Diane P., participant

Vibrant Voice Vibrant Voice is playtime in the hallowed halls of sound. Vibrant Voice combines singing, harmonizing, improvising, writing, yoga, drawing, visualizing and breathing to open and vibrate our entire body, sounding the soul of our voice.

Vibrant Voice is a way to discover deeper layers of our voice – our personal, internal, unique, spectacular, essential voice; the voice of our soul that prods us relentlessly to be all of who we are. When we are our whole, glorious selves, our hearts pound in our chests with excited recognition. Jubilant, we are home.

Uncover, unleash, release, reclaim the wonders of your voice.

Vibrant Voice will open new channels of air, sound, thoughts, dreams, wishes, emotions and creativity. Whether you sing in the shower or on stage or just want to experience more playful creativity, this workshop will make your inner voice sing and vibrate you back to life!

Different every time, each workshop Peggo creates is based on the needs of the people attending.

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