The Way of the Voice

August, 2017


I spent a week at the Madeleine Island School of the Arts in late July, writing with Mary Carroll Moore. Madeleine Island is in Lake Superior. I flew to Duluth, Minnesota, drove to Bayfield, Wisconsin, took a ferry to Madeleine Island, where I was picked up and driven to the school. I didn’t drive again for a week. It was heaven. Mary is an inspiring writing teacher who happens to live in New Hampshire. The most valuable thing I learned during the week is that I actually have the threads for an interesting book. I am writing a book about voice, about how we find our voice and how voice can become a spiritual path.


As I tease out my ideas and experiences with voice, I am going to share some of my writing with you in this blog. I would be very happy to receive your comments, questions and feedback. I begin with a 19 syllable poem I wrote while at the writing retreat.



I sing because I can. I

a monarch perched on my finger waiting to fly

may wander away,

but I

always come back home.




The Way of the Voice

out of the dark

into the dark

The dark of the black universe

of no-thing, no-time, no-body, no-thought, no-voice.

Isn’t it beautiful here

all shimmer and sparkle

From here you can do anything

From here you can be anything



breathe space


space outside the illusion of skin

Breathe space into every cell, atom and molecule

Breathe space between every particle

Feel the vibration

Feel the vibratory nature of your skin,

of the atoms of these fingers “holding”

the atoms of this purple pen




My hand on the paper

Vibrating, intermingling



Breathe breath

Breathe space

Breathe love

fill the space

fill all space

fill all vibration

The Doctrine of Vibration

13th c Kashmir

We are all vibrating form emanating from the vibrational field

of ultimate consciousness –

Pure consciousness

Pure love


Without limit

Wide open

Space before me

Space behind

Space above me

Space below

Space within

Breathing out


The Way of the Voice

Is a way in

to the infinite.

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